DIY Frame Kits

The Steel Frame Kits are the skeleton for our furniture. Available in dark Carbon Steel or bright Stainless Steel, each kit is precision cut from American metal using high powered lasers. Our unique system of brackets allow complex furniture designs to be assembled with wood using basic tools requiring little to no woodworking experience.

We provide two options for building your furniture using our DIY Frame Kits:

Locally Sourced Lumber or Reclaimed Wood

The first option is to purchase our DIY Frame Kits only, then use lumber sourced from a local hardware store or reclaimed wood from another project to assemble a truly custom piece of furniture. The DIY Frame Kits are engineered to be used with common lumber like 2x4 or 2x6 boards available at big box hardware stores or local lumber suppliers that can be cut to length to fit your space perfectly. You can choose from a variety of wood species like pine, cedar, and even pressure treated lumber that you can then stain or paint any color you like. Our Frame Kits make it easy to assemble custom furniture with little to no woodworking experience. 

Ready To Assemble Wood Panels

If you're looking for a premium piece of furniture then our Ready-To-Finish Wood Panels are the answer. Professionally assembled by master craftsmen, each panel is built from premium hardwood with pre-drilled screw holes for easy assembly to the DIY Frame Kits with a Phillips-Head Screwdriver and included hardware.

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